Our Solution

Single use plastic in the environment is a big problem which is both acute and avoidable...

Our key solution, is to unite all Olympic and professional athletes around the globe around this topic and drive the changes needed. This global influence will be like no other force. Athletes have the power to educate and engage their fans around important topics. They can work directly with brands through sponsorship and can influence changes. They can support event organisers in the first phase of our work, to eliminate single-use.

This campaign has the huge potential to reach billions of people, the more people we can engage with our goal, the more unified and aligned we are, the bigger reach we have, the more awareness we create and the more pressure we can put on larger corporations, governments and industries to change plastic waste left.

Global Partnerships

We don’t want to recreate the wheel, there are already some amazing organisations, individuals and brands doing incredible work in this field. We want to work with these people to help them achieve their goals and inspire others to take up their own initiatives.

If you want to get in touch to discuss any partnership opportunities click here.

We are lucky to be supported by the International Olympic Committee and Clean Seas.

Next Steps

So, what can you do?


We encourage you to sign the pledges, and share with your fans and the brands you work with.


We encourage individuals within your organisation to sign the pledges


Unite with us. Get behind your favourite athletes and sports.
Spread the word and get your friends and family involved
Ask more of the events and clubs you are involved with
Sign at least 3 pledges - ideally more if you can!

We are also looking for 20 athletes to join us as ambassadors.

We are starting with Single-Use plastic, but our ambition is bigger, and we are looking for like-minded professional athletes who are willing to be change makers to join this legacy.

Contact us to find out how to apply for these positions.

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