Thank you very much for signing up to the Big Plastic Pledge.

With 1 person changing their habits and advocating for sustainability issues to brands and policy makers, the ripple effect can be huge. The actions you take matter and without you and the next person and the next, we are nothing. If a whole sporting community change their habits and shouts loudly, then we are flying!

We want to create a tidal wave of change that will be felt on every corner of the globe. This is the foundation for the Big Plastic Pledge and we are hugely grateful for your support.

We have developed an Athlete Toolkit to help guide and inspire you on your sustainability journey. Please do get in touch and share your experiences with us; we want to provide an open forum for all athletes to engage with and benefit from.

Thank you again,
Big Plastic Pledge team

“I believe through the power of sport, we can change the fate of our planet”
Hannah Mills
Olympic Sailor & Environmentalist

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