Passion points for BPP and wider sustainability issues:

  • As athletes, we are well-driven, motivated, passionate people; used to putting the hard work in to reaching our goals. As a team we can achieve so much more – our actions bigger, our words louder and our audience wider. Together we can make real change for our planet. That is why I joined the Big Plastic Pledge.
  • Being fortunate enough to experience unspoilt nature and wilderness around the world whilst on expeditions has opened my eyes to the impact that our way of life is having on our planet. I have a responsibility to make a change through my own lifestyle, as well as encouraging others to do the same.

Top Tip for athlete advocates:

  • The overall problem can seem daunting, but even the small changes will collectively do so much good! Simple things like swapping your usual bottle of shampoo for a shampoo bar, or using bars of soap instead of bottled liquid hand soap will save a huge amount of plastic waste in the long-term.
  • Also, whether you’re out walking the dog, going for a swim at the beach or ripping it up on the MTB trails, take a bag out with you and pick up any plastic waste you stumble upon. After all, it’s our own backyard we’re looking after.