Passion points for BPP and wider sustainability issues:

  • I was put in contact with BPP through the international rowing federation after spending my spring and summer during the pandemic clearing rubbish from the Norwegian coastline; both under water and from the shoreline. Through that project I removed nearly 7 tonnes of waste, and I want to do more. The BPP provides a community for like-minded athletes who want to create change though sport.
  • As a rower I spend a lot of time outdoors enjoying nature. As time has passed, I’ve started to notice the ever-increasing amount of waste that ends up in our waterways and in the ocean. It is a huge problem and I want to be a part of the solution.

Top Tip for athlete advocates:

  • My advice is to always consider the things you buy. It’s important to assess the impact to the environment of every purchase we make as consumers. I’d like to see more people making small choices to make their consumption more sustainable.