Passion points for BPP and wider sustainability issues 

  • I believe that sport has huge potential to be a catalyst for change! Being part of a movement like the BPP is a great opportunity to voice this change and stand with others like me around a collective goal to help push the agenda and become planet positive. 
  • I have always been aware of climate change. The more I grow and see the impacts we are having on the planet the more passionate I am to push harder for change and helping others lead a slightly more sustainable lifestyle. Whilst I’m not yet known to be outspoken about this issue publicly, it’s a point I often raise within my community.  


Top Tip for athlete advocates 

  • It would be great if at the end of every week we note down 1 planet positive impact we have made as athletes and then list a new one to aim for, the following week. 
  • Potentially with every positive change made we could represent that change with tangible action such as planting a tree to recognise what has been done