Passion points for BPP and wider sustainability issues:

  • I want to draw attention to and build awareness of the different environmental issues that we face on a global scale. Equally important is to show solutions to the problem, which is where the BPP plays such an important role.
  • My parents are both scientists and work with sustainable solutions through bio-technology. They have always taught me to both understand the problem and look for the solutions. I experienced the scale of plastic pollution in our oceans first-hand, when I was training for the Rio Olympics in 2016. The amount of single use plastic was overwhelming. When we were sailing after it’d been raining, there was so much rubbish floating everywhere in Guanabare Bay, most of which was plastic waste; since then I’ve been keen to explore ways in which we can bring about change and halt the devastating impact to our environment.

Top Tip for athlete advocates:

  • Eat more plant-based food. We are heading towards a protein shortage. In Denmark more than 60% of our country is used for farming – and 80% of this farming is food for animals. Even with that being the case, Denmark still imports 1.7 tonnes of soya beans, mostly from South America. I am not vegan (yet), but we can all try to base our nutrition around plant-based food.
  • Buy quality! You will likely be happier with the product, it will last longer, and you will save the planet’s resources by avoiding buying twice.