Our Mission

Eradicate single use plastic in sport.

Led by the athletes, driven by the fans, supported by the International Olympic Committee.

Sports stars and fans unite together.

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Almost 50% of plastic production is single use plastics.



1 million plastic water bottles sold worldwide every minute.



Plastic packaging makes up about 40% of all plastic production globally.

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"Sport inspires, unites, crosses boundaries and reaches all corners of the globe. If the entire global sporting community unite as one voice, we can help change the fate of our planet."

Hannah Mills
Olympic Sailor & Environmentalist

Sport is one of the most powerful entities on Earth. Through sport we can inspire, drive change and unify billions of people, countries and organisations across the world to make change. We propose to use this power to help change the future of our planet.

Where we are now

Single use plastic in sport is a huge problem.

Once you’ve noticed it, it’s everywhere you look. Athletes actions and decisions are watched all over the globe, they are idolised, copied and stick in peoples memories. The responsibility of this is massive, but the opportunity that also presents makes it possible to influence a global shift in behaviour.

Athletes and sporting events often showcase single use plastics to huge audiences.

Think single use plastic merchandise, single use plastic bags, single use drinks bottles, disposable coffee cups, single use plastic beer cups, stadiums full, marathons with thousands running...the damage is endless.

Single-use plastic often ends up in the environment, including our waterways and landfill.

It takes hundreds of years to break down - often having only been used for a few minutes. Other single use plastic seeps into the oceans, rivers and waterways, destroying marine life with a lasting impact on our oceans health. One which we are only just starting to understand. What effect this might be having on humans, we do not yet know.

Our Solutions

Stop the Flow

We have to stop the flow of how much single use plastic is entering the oceans. Individual responsibility, awareness and education are the first steps.

Global Reach

Social media campaigns have huge potential reach, the more people we can engage with our goal, the more unified and aligned we are, the bigger reach we have, the more awareness we create and the more pressure we can put on larger corporations, governments and industries to change.

Global Partnerships

We don’t want to recreate the wheel, there are already some amazing organisations, individuals and brands doing incredible work in this field. We want to work with these people to help them achieve their goals and inspire others to take up their own initiatives.

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